Rehearsal for Wake, photo by Karen Hook.



Born 1987 in Wollongong, Australia. Tamara Elkins completed her Diploma in Fine Arts at TAFE, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of New South Wales Art and Design.


Elkins has continued to develop her practice with residencies in Buenos Aires and Sydney as well as workshops with Body Weather, NSW Leather Workers Guild and Edinburgh Printmakers. She has also been involved with the Base Metal Performance collective.


Following a 2014 residency at Archive_(Archive Space), Elkins had her first solo show Luna Garden at Archive’s dark_ in 2015. This was followed by a collaborative show Phosphene at Wollongong City Art Gallery in 2016. Currently she is working on her second solo show, planned for 2019.


Working in the mediums of printmaking, drawing, installation and performance Elkins’ work looks at emotional and psychological states of being within contemporary society. Her artworks often use the body interacting with the natural world where it acts as a metaphor for internal human states of existence.


Elkins is currently interested in the role that magic as a construct plays in our life, in the personal narrative, how that spills into social structures and its place in our current global community.